Staying up in the down stream

There is a thin line that separates happy tears and sad tears. I don’t know what it is or where it is, or even if it is important. In the end, I find that crying helps regardless of  the impetus. It may be disconcerting to others to see you cry, but so be it. It helps. It lets off a… Continue reading

Life … it’s all around you

Life, it’s all around you. And so is “stuff”. It’s everywhere. I’m not sure when it happened, that the human race converted from living experientially to engaging in a hectic, frenetic race of accumulation. When did bigger, better and latest become our stimuli, rather than being, fully, in the moment? It seems with our roots in hunter-gathering, we easily fall victim… Continue reading

A cat and a mat …

Jill is my cat. She is also my yoga buddy. When I get up in the morning, she is usually on my yoga mat, waiting. I can see her from my bed, front paws tucked under her, eyes fixed on me, a mystical yogic force in the form of an imperturbable cat. Jill is convinced that there is a particular time of… Continue reading