The trouble with Taxol

I am now in phase two of my chemo regimen, the Taxol phase. Twelve weeks of Taxol, once per week. Every Thursday to be exact. I have to say, I entered this phase with much angst and trepidation, but as is the case with most worry, it was time wasted. For one thing, the side effects are much less than in phase… Continue reading

I believe in Santa Claus

This year, Ken and I are staying home for Christmas.  With chemo once a week, the driving seemed like too much, so for the first time EVER, we have put up a real honest-to-goodness Christmas tree. Not a mini tree, not a table top tree, a 7 1/2 foot tree with lights and ornaments and the whole shebang. (Thanks to… Continue reading

A Christmas Miracle

I believe in miracles. They happen all the time. We don’t often pay attention to them, and even more often we take them for granted, but they happen, nonetheless. With cancer, I spend a lot of time being grateful, for acknowledging the miracles big and small happening in my life day in and day out. I am extremely grateful for… Continue reading

Food for Thought – Cinnamon Raisin Bread

I have mentioned in my blog that cinnamon raisin bread is my current go to food. I make it myself in a bread maker. That gives me the option to swap out the ingredients for organic versions and change up the flour mixture to suit my ever changing tastes. I use either King Arthur or Arrowhead Mills organic flours. Between the two… Continue reading

Blessed are we

I am blessed. When I think of all the things that can happen to a person in their lifetime, I look at the vast spectrum and know I am truly blessed. Do you know that I have gone my entire life and the only bone I have ever broken is my big toe? Freak accident, really. I was horseback riding,… Continue reading

The changing landscape of my tongue

Taste. We take it for granted. We know what we like, and what we don’t. We sample things within our spectrum of acceptance, leaving the suspect items for someone else to try. These tried and true rules of engagement give us comfort. We don’t question our likes and dislikes, they just are. And then they aren’t. I was warned that… Continue reading