Baby, it’s cold outside

We are in a cold dip here in sunny Central Florida.  It is what passes for winter in the Sunshine State, delightful weather occasionally punctuated with cold spells of 50 degree days and 30 to 40 degree nights. When you are used to perpetual variations of warm weather, it can be a shock to the system. When your blood is limping through your… Continue reading

Food for Thought – Applesauce Cinnamon Craisin Bread

I never ate much bread before chemo. I’m not a sandwich gal and filling up on bread before a meal seemed pointless, but then came chemo, and the apparent side benefit of the excess production of stomach acid. It’s not intolerable, it’s just that a nice, warm piece of toast in the morning to sop all that up just makes a… Continue reading

A perfect day

What makes for a perfect day? For me, a perfect day is broken down into bite size treasures of time, individual islands of experience that are destined to become cherished memories, all equally valuable, all equally precious. Quite often they are scraps of events, seemingly inconsequential. In the end, though, it is the staple spices, like black pepper or sea salt,… Continue reading

It’s all about the breath

I’ll admit it, I love to push my limits when I do yoga. It’s my nature, I just can’t shake that competitive urge, which is probably why lately, eight weeks into weekly chemo treatments, I run out of breath after the first Chair Pose. Enter Tao Porchon Lynch, the worlds oldest yoga instructor at age 98. I was skating around Facebook… Continue reading

More trouble with Taxol

The trouble with Taxol is that there isn’t a lot of trouble with Taxol, at least not for me. It has lulled me into a bizarre complacency, a “hey, this isn’t so bad” state of mind. As I drift smugly down my twelve-week Taxol river, I have suddenly stopped counting the bends in the stream, stopped ticking off the weeks until the… Continue reading

Time to put on high topped sneakers

The weeks are drifting by. My doctor said the twelve weeks of weekly Taxol treatments would go by quickly, and now here I am just past the half-way point. Seven down, five to go; they are marching by, hustling me forward toward an inevitable end date to my chemo and the need for me to focus on something new, like surgery. Ah yes, a date… Continue reading

Happy anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary. Nine years ago today, I stood before my family and pledged my heart and soul to Ken Johnson, my best friend in the world, my lover, my twin flame. No, we don’t finish each other’s sentences, like all the same foods or share all the same interests, but we complete each other’s lives in a… Continue reading

The panacea of a cat’s purr

There is something about a cat’s purr. No one really knows why they purr, or what it does, but for me, the purr of my cat, my friend, my ally, is a panacea that heals all ills. Jill is a Humane Society rescue and was a tough one to win over despite being adopted as a kitten, but over time she… Continue reading