Remember to bring a flashlight

Thursday, February 16, 2017, was my last chemo treatment. My doctors and nurses were really good at managing what they term the side effects of chemo (and what I call effects, because let’s call a spade a spade, everything that happens during chemo is an effect of chemo), but they have pretty much left me to my own devices to sort out… Continue reading

Giving a goblin a makeover

It has taken a while to get the goo of disgruntlement off of me since my post about Neulasta Onpro (Taxol can be a sneaky bunkmate). It is one of the reasons I prefer not to go negative, it’s so darn hard to feel fresh again. Amid the onslaught of discouraging thoughts that pervade our daily lives, we are too often… Continue reading

Chemo is a crooked road

After sixteen treatments, my chemo is done. Yeah! Right? Maybe not. Cancer is a crooked road, and chemo is only one leg of the journey. Chemo was not too bad, relatively speaking, but what lies ahead, that is the great unknown. I went into chemo with a lot of trepidation, although acknowledging it was the best course of treatment for… Continue reading

Taxol can be a sneaky bunk mate

Taxol has turned out to be a sneaky companion on this adventure. What started out as a mild, hazy muddle of weekly treatments with no real downside, or upside, or, well, sides at all, rapidly reached a sucker-punched state right around week nine, when my nurse informed me that my white blood count was getting too low and the next week… Continue reading

It takes a village

Another Thursday, another Taxol treatment. Only two more to go and then I’m done with chemo. It’s bittersweet, this drawing to a close of this chapter of my life. I will miss them, my village of people who welcome me into their fold on chemo day and make sure it is, well, as amazing as I make it out to… Continue reading