Happiness is a state of mind

Happiness is a state of mind, yet few of us choose to dwell there permanently. I find that, like everywhere I’ve lived, I get bored and end up taking jaunts elsewhere, sort of mini vacations, to places like Anger-ville, Frustration City or Sad Town. Not often, mind you, as they are never as-advertised and, quite honestly, the weather is never… Continue reading

Baffled and fascinated … by a drain

I’m both baffled and fascinated by my drains. They should annoy me, but it’s not every day you have an opportunity to watch excess body fluid get gently sucked out of your body by a plastic bulb, so instead I choose to be intrigued. One would think healing would go in a straight line. I thought it would start at Point… Continue reading

Laissez faire post mastectomy days

The days are flying by. I thought they would drag, being that I resemble a cyborg and am schlepping drain bulbs, but the drains are not nearly as annoying as they were made out to be. Maybe it is my laissez faire attitude toward them (or everything). They do their thing, I do mine. I have them clipped to  lanyards… Continue reading

The art of a happy surgery

Monday, March, 20, was surgery day. Everything turned out better than great. It turned out awesomely fantastically great! They took three lymph nodes and they all tested negative for cancer, which was my primary concern. Still loving the remodel. There are no bandages over the surgery sites, just steri strips, so I was able to peek down at them, or lack… Continue reading

Bee stings and dinosaurs

Another glorious day in sunny Florida. I had a fabulous day, pre-planned to be exceptional since it is my last day of unfettered movement for the next ten days. Tomorrow is debreastation day, so what better way to go into surgery than with a happy heart and a smile on my face. The delightful gals in nuclear medicine over at… Continue reading

The magic of meditation

I meditated a lot during my chemo treatments. I had important work to do, and meditating was a great way to get laser focused on my goals and how to accomplish them. When I meditate, I go deep inside myself, I find that place that connects me with the universe, and I listen. It’s like being in a train station,… Continue reading

The cancer kraken

Have you ever had a day when everything seemed to go wrong? When despite your best efforts, you can’t right your ship and it continues to take on water until it finally sinks, one long, drawn out glub-glub at a time? Friday, February 24, was like that for me. I have gone over the day again and again, wondering if… Continue reading