Gooey. What a great word. The way it feels inside my mouth, puckering as if to kiss itself and then thinking better of it. Not to mention the images it conjures up. Keebler elves pulling apart fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies, a cloud of chocolaty steam rising from the molten chips to meet their little noses. Salt water taffy, the long… Continue reading

Keys to the filing cabinet

The mind is an amazing thing. I liken it to an enormous data center, similar to what you see when a television show gives you a glimpse into the bowels of the national archives. Usually those glimpses involve some controversial box of information being stored on a shelf somewhere in a maze of like boxes with the intention of it… Continue reading

Monday is hump day

Monday is hump day. On Monday, I will officially be halfway through with my radiation treatments, which means I am headed into the back stretch. After Monday, I am just ticking days off the calendar, eye on the prize, headed for July 3rd, which is my official last day of radiation, barring some unforeseen cataclysmic event that would cause me… Continue reading

Milestones help

Monday will be my tenth radiation treatment. I will be one-third of the way through. For some reason, with radiation, with a five-day-a-week schedule for six weeks, milestones help. I have four more weeks, and based on how fast the first two flew by, they will go quickly too. I haven’t really written about what treatment itself is like. It’s… Continue reading