Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

When I think about cancer, my mind goes into overdrive, ricocheting about in an effort to make sense of it. First it goes clinical, sterilizing the phenomenon into its most basic scientific facts. Science is cold, impartial, a potentially safe place to examine something that can kill you. Technically speaking, cancer is, at its core, damaged cells (nothing scary there)… Continue reading

Happy anniversary, to me

Happy Anniversary to Me! One year ago, I posted my first blog post, “I’m happy, really, really happy. And oh, I have breast cancer.” What started out as a way to communicate with family and friends about my “adventure” with breast cancer became much, much more than that, and I thank everyone out there around the world who is reading… Continue reading

Man-boob removal day

It is done. My man-boob is no more. In its place is a line of steri-strips and thin plastic tubing draining off any excess fluid that could build up and hamper the healing process. I am an old hat at this, emptying the bulb twice a day, recording the fluid levels. Like the first go round, the right side doesn’t… Continue reading