About Me

Hello. I’m Juliana Steele. Thanks for stopping by. In late June 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I started this blog to share my journey. I have always been healthy, so watching my physical and psychological adaption to this disease has been an adventure. In my posts you will find the spirit of adventure and any tips and tricks I come up with along the way to keep myself healthy and happy while encouraging cancer to shrink and die.

Some background on me – I’m the Chief Financial Officer for a nonprofit dedicated to supporting arts and culture. I write creative fiction in my spare time and have one book self published on Amazon.com and am finishing up my second. I do yoga and meditate. I find they give me time with myself, space to tune out the rest of the world and focus on the inner me. I love to read and have no particular attachment to any one genre. I eat healthy, but also feel that whatever works for you works for you. No judgment. I share my home with my amazing husband, Ken, and our cat, Jill.  In the end, this blog is about sharing. If something I write resonates with you and helps you in some way, then it is all worth it.



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