Food for Thought – Applesauce Cinnamon Craisin Bread

I never ate much bread before chemo. I’m not a sandwich gal and filling up on bread before a meal seemed pointless, but then came chemo, and the apparent side benefit of the excess production of stomach acid. It’s not intolerable, it’s just that a nice, warm piece of toast in the morning to sop all that up just makes a whole lot of sense right now, so I go with it. My go to bread was homemade Cinnamon Raisin Bread, not too sweet and not too overpowering with either cinnamon or raisins, but with Taxol my tongue is easily irritated so I decided to soften the recipe up a bit. Here is my “softened” adaption. Don’t let the applesauce scare you off, the bread doesn’t taste like apples, but it does rise up soft and fluffy and is gentle on the tongue.




Applesauce Cinnamon Craisin Bread

For a 1 1/2 lb bread maker loaf:

Organic Applesauce*                                                1 1/4 cups

Organic Olive Oil                                                        2 TBSP

Organic Dark Brown Sugar                                      1 1/2 TBSP

Sea Salt                                                                        1 TSP

Organic Whole Wheat Flour                                    1 cup

Organic Bread Flour                                                  2 1/4 cups

Active Dry Yeast                                                         1 1/2 TSP

Water (room temperature)                                      1/2 cup + 2 TBSP

I make my bread in a bread maker. This recipe makes a 1 1/2 LB loaf. Watch the ball carefully in the first knead. Depending on how dense your applesauce is, you may need to add more water. If the dough is crumbly, add water until it gathers into a ball. If the dough is more like batter, add flour until it gathers into a ball.

Add at the beep:

Organic Craisins (dried cranberries)                       1/2 cup

Organic Cinnamon                                                     1 1/2 TSP

Once the bread is cooked, let it cool on a wire rack for 1/2 an hour. I store my cooled bread in a freezer bag in the refrigerator. It will keep a week that way.

* Organic Applesauce – I make my own applesauce in the blender.

3 large or 4 small (2 1/2 diameter) Organic Gala Apples (or any sweet apple)


Chop apples into chunks and put in blender. Add 1-2 inches of water to the blender. Blend on high until applesauce is smooth.




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  1. Hello – sounds good- learn something new every day. Hope you have a nice Sunday and stay warm —-Jonathan ?

    • Nothing beats a warm,buttered piece of Applesauce Cinnamon Craisin bread on a cold, rainy day, or any day for that matter!

      Thanks for following my adventure. I appreciate your support. I know this is hard for you.


  2. Sounds great. There is nothing better than the smell of homemade bread.
    Sending prayers with healing energy your way everyday.

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