Happy Valentine’s Day, my love

I often gush about my husband, Ken. Why not? He is one-in-a-billion and worth gushing over. He is my best friend, my soul mate, my twin flame, my lover. He is kind, strong, chivalrous and funny. He is everything a husband could be, everything a man should be, everything I could ever ask for.

Our love story is not unique. We met in a grocery store (the Publix at the corner of Congress and Gateway in Boynton Beach, FL, to be exact). It isn’t there any more, it moved across the street, but our love endures. Every now and then we make the trek back and have dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date (Park Avenue BBQ Grill, on the same corner, but across the street from where the Publix was). The food is still good and the memories still flood back. It was a magical night. It was the first day of the rest of my life.

So, here I am, thirteen Valentine’s Days later, still madly in love. I won’t say the road has been easy, but it has always been worth it. I have navigated life’s sorrows crying on Ken’s shoulder and life’s joys with him cheering me on. When I lost my cat, Heidi, my best friend of 17-years, he was there, sharing my sorrow and listening to my pain. Six months later, when the pain would burble back up and the tears would come again, he would hold me and make it alright, as if crying for six months because a cat died was perfectly normal.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, he was there. If he cried, it was not in front of me. For me, he was protector, cheerleader, caregiver and support system. He went to every doctors appointment, test and treatment. He asked questions that I overlooked and was involved in the decision making process every step of the way, while making sure I felt like the decisions were mine alone. And, no matter how tired he was, he stayed up late into the night, holding my hand and letting me talk, knowing how important it was that I get it all out.

Amidst all of that were endless evenings of theater and concerts. I never heard him turn down an opportunity to experience something new. He learned yoga and meditation with me, and even agreed to go to a yoga retreat for our honeymoon. Yes, he is one-in-a-billion, my husband, possibly even one-in-a-trillion.

I’d like to think I have been there for him too, when his father died, for his hand surgery, when he left his job to start his own business, but this isn’t about me. It’s about Ken, my husband. He is perfect to me, mostly because he is perfect for me. That’s what it is all about, isn’t it? Finding that person who is perfect to you and for you in every way? And so it is for me, on Valentine’s Day and every day. I get to spend each and every day with the most amazing man on the planet, to me. I love you, Ken, today and every day. Thank you for encouraging me to be me, in all my crazy glory.





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  1. Beautiful! No words … you’ve said all the important ones. Happy for you both!

  2. You are so fortunate. What a blessing to have such a partner.

  3. What beautiful words to speak to those you love so much. What a wonderful Valentines gift you have given to Ken with this piece that you have written with profound grace.

  4. Ken, what more can I add? He has been
    a kind loving son to me. Has been the
    man I knew he would be.
    I’m so very proud of him, he always
    steps up to help anyone. Love you to the
    Moon and back.
    Juliana, I’m so glad that the two of you
    found each other. You are the Daughter-
    in-Law I wanted, the wife for Ken, that
    is loving and caring.
    His dad and I were married for 45 years
    and I hope that the two of you go beyond
    that…Love you, Connie

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