Fluffy clouds and tea leaves

With the balmy spring weather upon us, I am drawn once again to our hammock. The shifting breeze toys with the wind chimes, coaxing out errant melodies much akin to a pianist noodling on the keys of an irresistible piano; unidentifiable, but pleasing nonetheless. And so, relaxed and mesmerized by the free-form concert, I turn my face to the clouds… Continue reading

Muscle on my side

Is it odd that I view the sky as my own personal divination tool? All I have to do is glance skyward to see the echoes of my path unfold. Yesterday, lounging on the steps of the pool, I watched as giant, billowy super heroes scaled banks of clouds, on the ready for what may come. Their determined gazes shone… Continue reading

A tango with breast cancer

The devil may care, but I don’t. Really, I don’t. Having spent over fifty years trying to meet an insanely high bar of accomplishment for myself and feeling skewered when I couldn’t meet it, I have hung up my track shoes and no longer engage in high jumping, pole vaulting or any other sport that requires me to jump higher than… Continue reading

Giving a goblin a makeover

It has taken a while to get the goo of disgruntlement off of me since my post about Neulasta Onpro (Taxol can be a sneaky bunkmate). It is one of the reasons I prefer not to go negative, it’s so darn hard to feel fresh again. Amid the onslaught of discouraging thoughts that pervade our daily lives, we are too often… Continue reading