A new-found sense of self

The other day I opened the door to the ladies’ room at work to find a young gal facing me. She was about to open it from the other side. We spent a few seconds with the prerequisite looks of surprise, before she smiled sheepishly and said, “Sorry.”  I ushered her out as I walked in, my mind buzzing in… Continue reading

It’s like it never happened

The other day, the gal in the grocery store asked me how I was. It was an innocuous question really, something we ask one another every day without a thought. Then she followed it up with, “How are you feeling?” I knew from the look in her eyes exactly what she was asking me, and without a thought I said,… Continue reading

I believe in Santa Claus

This year, Ken and I are staying home for Christmas.  With chemo once a week, the driving seemed like too much, so for the first time EVER, we have put up a real honest-to-goodness Christmas tree. Not a mini tree, not a table top tree, a 7 1/2 foot tree with lights and ornaments and the whole shebang. (Thanks to… Continue reading