Letting go of fear

I had my six-month follow up visit with my radiation oncologist last week. Its hard to believe that it has been six months since my last radiation treatment, which means it has been ten months since my last chemotherapy treatment. I got the “all clear” yesterday, but it felt hollow. The follow up for double mastectomy patients seems too simplistic,… Continue reading

Stress … free

Irma has come and gone, but the stress lingers on. A quick look at the National Hurricane Center website shows Jose, Lee and Maria making their way across the Atlantic, reminding us that hurricane season isn’t over quite yet. We must sit tight, wait and watch, while these children of the Atlantic cavort about and decide what path to skip… Continue reading

Thank your guardian angels

Fear is a funny thing. Sitting smack dab in the center of Florida, I have obsessed over Irma’s drunken-sailor progress this past week; first her westward trek across the Atlantic, then her indecision as to when to turn and where in Florida to make land. She is as indecisive of her landing point as I am with the TV remote.… Continue reading

Yoga, love at first movement

Yoga. It was love at first movement when I discovered yoga. I remember sitting on the living room floor with Ken (my husband) and a copy of Rodney Yee’s Yoga: Poetry of the Body book. We took turns trying to do the poses, having no idea what we were doing or what the poses were doing for us. Fast forward ten… Continue reading

Staying up in the down stream

There is a thin line that separates happy tears and sad tears. I don’t know what it is or where it is, or even if it is important. In the end, I find that crying helps regardless of  the impetus. It may be disconcerting to others to see you cry, but so be it. It helps. It lets off a… Continue reading