It’s like it never happened

The other day, the gal in the grocery store asked me how I was. It was an innocuous question really, something we ask one another every day without a thought. Then she followed it up with, “How are you feeling?” I knew from the look in her eyes exactly what she was asking me, and without a thought I said,… Continue reading

Life’s like that

Last Saturday, I pulled all my dresses out of the closet and put them on, one by one, to see how they fit my new physique. Let’s face it, my torso is crafted somewhat differently now. A double mastectomy will do that for you. I was somewhat surprised to find that dresses I never thought would be passable fit great… Continue reading

Man-boob removal day

It is done. My man-boob is no more. In its place is a line of steri-strips and thin plastic tubing draining off any excess fluid that could build up and hamper the healing process. I am an old hat at this, emptying the bulb twice a day, recording the fluid levels. Like the first go round, the right side doesn’t… Continue reading

I can’t picture myself

I can’t picture myself dead. My mother said that to me the other day. Given that she is 89 years young, I was thrilled to hear it! It got me thinking, though. I can’t picture myself dead either, which is a beneficial mindset when emerging from the back end of breast cancer treatment. Normally I’m not a fan of exploring… Continue reading

The magic of meditation

I meditated a lot during my chemo treatments. I had important work to do, and meditating was a great way to get laser focused on my goals and how to accomplish them. When I meditate, I go deep inside myself, I find that place that connects me with the universe, and I listen. It’s like being in a train station,… Continue reading