Happy Valentine’s Day, my love

I often gush about my husband, Ken. Why not? He is one-in-a-billion and worth gushing over. He is my best friend, my soul mate, my twin flame, my lover. He is kind, strong, chivalrous and funny. He is everything a husband could be, everything a man should be, everything I could ever ask for. Our love story is not unique.… Continue reading

Life’s like that

Last Saturday, I pulled all my dresses out of the closet and put them on, one by one, to see how they fit my new physique. Let’s face it, my torso is crafted somewhat differently now. A double mastectomy will do that for you. I was somewhat surprised to find that dresses I never thought would be passable fit great… Continue reading

Muscle on my side

Is it odd that I view the sky as my own personal divination tool? All I have to do is glance skyward to see the echoes of my path unfold. Yesterday, lounging on the steps of the pool, I watched as giant, billowy super heroes scaled banks of clouds, on the ready for what may come. Their determined gazes shone… Continue reading

I can’t picture myself

I can’t picture myself dead. My mother said that to me the other day. Given that she is 89 years young, I was thrilled to hear it! It got me thinking, though. I can’t picture myself dead either, which is a beneficial mindset when emerging from the back end of breast cancer treatment. Normally I’m not a fan of exploring… Continue reading

Keys to the filing cabinet

The mind is an amazing thing. I liken it to an enormous data center, similar to what you see when a television show gives you a glimpse into the bowels of the national archives. Usually those glimpses involve some controversial box of information being stored on a shelf somewhere in a maze of like boxes with the intention of it… Continue reading

Monday is hump day

Monday is hump day. On Monday, I will officially be half way through with my radiation treatments, which means I am headed into the back stretch. After Monday, I am just ticking days off the calendar, eye on the prize, headed for July 3rd, which is my official last day of radiation, barring some unforeseen cataclysmic event that would cause… Continue reading

A tango with breast cancer

The devil may care, but I don’t. Really, I don’t. Having spent over fifty years trying to meet an insanely high bar of accomplishment for myself and feeling skewered when I couldn’t meet it, I have hung up my track shoes and no longer engage in high jumping, pole vaulting or any other sport that requires me to jump higher than… Continue reading

Happiness is a state of mind

Happiness is a state of mind, yet few of us choose to dwell there permanently. I find that, like everywhere I’ve lived, I get bored and end up taking jaunts elsewhere, sort of mini vacations, to places like Anger-ville, Frustration City or Sad Town. Not often, mind you, as they are never as advertised and, quite honestly, the weather is… Continue reading

Laissez faire post mastectomy days

The days are flying by. I thought they would drag, being that I resemble a cyborg and am schlepping drain bulbs, but the drains are not nearly as annoying as they were made out to be. Maybe it is my laissez faire attitude toward them (or everything). They do their thing, I do mine. I have them clipped to  lanyards… Continue reading