So I’m on a cruise with my best friend

So I’m on a cruise with my best friend. I’ve known Heather since junior year of high school. Forty-one fabulous years. How can it all be fabulous? Because we are still friends, best friends. Every step of those forty-one years, the ups, the downs, even the gaps, have moved us along in our life journeys, and now here we are,… Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love

I often gush about my husband, Ken. Why not? He is one-in-a-billion and worth gushing over. He is my best friend, my soul mate, my twin flame, my lover. He is kind, strong, chivalrous and funny. He is everything a husband could be, everything a man should be, everything I could ever ask for. Our love story is not unique.… Continue reading

My mother’s hands

I have my mother’s hands. I usually notice it when I’m brushing my teeth, leaned over the sink, one hand on the counter, the other, well, brushing. When my eyes flicker from the mirror to the drain, then to my hand on the counter top. That’s when it hits me, I have my mother’s hands. They are graceful, slender-fingered hands,… Continue reading

Laissez faire post mastectomy days

The days are flying by. I thought they would drag, being that I resemble a cyborg and am schlepping drain bulbs, but the drains are not nearly as annoying as they were made out to be. Maybe it is my laissez faire attitude toward them (or everything). They do their thing, I do mine. I have them clipped to  lanyards… Continue reading

Happy anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary. Nine years ago today, I stood before my family and pledged my heart and soul to Ken Johnson, my best friend in the world, my lover, my twin flame. No, we don’t finish each other’s sentences, like all the same foods or share all the same interests, but we complete each other’s lives in a… Continue reading

A Christmas Miracle

I believe in miracles. They happen all the time. We don’t often pay attention to them, and even more often we take them for granted, but they happen, nonetheless. With cancer, I spend a lot of time being grateful, for acknowledging the miracles big and small happening in my life day in and day out. I am extremely grateful for… Continue reading

Blessed are we

I am blessed. When I think of all the things that can happen to a person in their lifetime, I look at the vast spectrum and know I am truly blessed. Do you know that I have gone my entire life and the only bone I have ever broken is my big toe? Freak accident, really. I was horseback riding,… Continue reading

Staying up in the down stream

There is a thin line that separates happy tears and sad tears. I don’t know what it is or where it is, or even if it is important. In the end, I find that crying helps regardless of  the impetus. It may be disconcerting to others to see you cry, but so be it. It helps. It lets off a… Continue reading