Life’s like that

Last Saturday, I pulled all my dresses out of the closet and put them on, one by one, to see how they fit my new physique. Let’s face it, my torso is crafted somewhat differently now. A double mastectomy will do that for you. I was somewhat surprised to find that dresses I never thought would be passable fit great… Continue reading

Yup, I’m still insane

I’ve been wrestling with this feeling for the past few days, this gritty lump that’s stuck in my craw and refuses to dislodge. I’ve meditated on it, yoga-ed on it, thought on it, frowned on it, yet there it sits, stuck there. Then, driving to work yesterday, it hit me, I’m still insane. Yup, genuinely certifiable. I meet the criteria.… Continue reading

Man-boob removal day

It is done. My man-boob is no more. In its place is a line of steri-strips and thin plastic tubing draining off any excess fluid that could build up and hamper the healing process. I am an old hat at this, emptying the bulb twice a day, recording the fluid levels. Like the first go round, the right side doesn’t… Continue reading

It’s technically not a spa

Wednesday I am going in for some touch-up surgery. They call it a scar revision, I call it the removal of my man boob. Okay, not politically correct, but that’s what it is, a small amount of fatty tissue that was left behind and has taken up residence as a small, slouchy pseudo-breast. Not a woman’s breast, not the sleek… Continue reading

I can’t picture myself

I can’t picture myself dead. My mother said that to me the other day. Given that she is 89 years young, I was thrilled to hear it! It got me thinking, though. I can’t picture myself dead either, which is a beneficial mindset when emerging from the back end of breast cancer treatment. Normally I’m not a fan of exploring… Continue reading

Inhale deeply and hold

Inhale deeply. Exhale. Inhale deeply and hold. Breathe. Again. Inhale deeply. Exhale. Inhale deeply and hold. Breathe. Again. It sounds like a breathing exercise, or a meditation of sorts, but no, it’s the mantra of my radiation test run. Splayed like a broken scarecrow, head twisted to the right, I laid there for half an hour, being scanned and x-rayed,… Continue reading

Happiness is a state of mind

Happiness is a state of mind, yet few of us choose to dwell there permanently. I find that, like everywhere I’ve lived, I get bored and end up taking jaunts elsewhere, sort of mini vacations, to places like Anger-ville, Frustration City or Sad Town. Not often, mind you, as they are never as-advertised and, quite honestly, the weather is never… Continue reading

Baffled and fascinated … by a drain

I’m both baffled and fascinated by my drains. They should annoy me, but it’s not every day you have an opportunity to watch excess body fluid get gently sucked out of your body by a plastic bulb, so instead I choose to be intrigued. One would think healing would go in a straight line. I thought it would start at Point… Continue reading

Laissez faire post mastectomy days

The days are flying by. I thought they would drag, being that I resemble a cyborg and am schlepping drain bulbs, but the drains are not nearly as annoying as they were made out to be. Maybe it is my laissez faire attitude toward them (or everything). They do their thing, I do mine. I have them clipped to  lanyards… Continue reading