Why you need a sacred space

I never really understood the big deal behind sacred space. When I did my yoga training, the teacher recommended we each build personal alters. I dutifully searched the internet to find examples of what mine should look like, completely missing the point. Flummoxed, I never did it. Even if I had built one, then what? The truth of the matter… Continue reading

A patient observer

Two slices of raisin bread, toasted, with some fruit on the side. Honeydew melon these days, it changes with the seasons. As I buttered my toast this morning, it came to me that all during chemotherapy I made my own raisin bread. Now I buy it at the store – Dave’s Killer Raisin Bread. It also occurred to me that… Continue reading

Attitude is everything

Attitude is everything. I come back to it again and again, in my meditation, in my spiritual reading, in my daily life. I will even go so far as to say that attitude is all that separates me, and you, from a good day and a crappy day. The moment I roll out of bed in the morning, I make… Continue reading

Deep space me

For the six-week duration of my radiation treatment, I put meditation on a back burner. There was just so much time in the day (classic excuse) and I felt that exercise was more important toward keeping my physical health (and sanity) intact, so I made my spin bike my religion and kept my heart and lungs pliable through regular exercise.… Continue reading

The magic of meditation

I meditated a lot during my chemo treatments. I had important work to do, and meditating was a great way to get laser focused on my goals and how to accomplish them. When I meditate, I go deep inside myself, I find that place that connects me with the universe, and I listen. It’s like being in a train station,… Continue reading

A perfect day

What makes for a perfect day? For me, a perfect day is broken down into bite size treasures of time, individual islands of experience that are destined to become cherished memories, all equally valuable, all equally precious. Quite often they are scraps of events, seemingly inconsequential. In the end, though, it is the staple spices, like black pepper or sea salt,… Continue reading

It’s all about the breath

I’ll admit it, I love to push my limits when I do yoga. It’s my nature, I just can’t shake that competitive urge, which is probably why lately, eight weeks into weekly chemo treatments, I run out of breath after the first Chair Pose. Enter Tao Porchon Lynch, the worlds oldest yoga instructor at age 98. I was skating around Facebook… Continue reading

The panacea of a cat’s purr

There is something about a cat’s purr. No one really knows why they purr, or what it does, but for me, the purr of my cat, my friend, my ally, is  a panacea that heals all ills. Jill is a Humane Society rescue and was a tough one to win over despite being adopted as a kitten, but over time she… Continue reading

The trouble with Taxol

I am now in phase two of my chemo regimen, the Taxol phase. Twelve weeks of Taxol, once per week. Every Thursday to be exact. I have to say, I entered this phase with much angst and trepidation, but as is the case with most worry, it was time wasted. For one thing, the side effects are much less than in phase… Continue reading