Fluffy clouds and tea leaves

With the balmy spring weather upon us, I am drawn once again to our hammock. The shifting breeze toys with the wind chimes, coaxing out errant melodies much akin to a pianist noodling on the keys of an irresistible piano; unidentifiable, but pleasing nonetheless. And so, relaxed and mesmerized by the free-form concert, I turn my face to the clouds… Continue reading

Skeletons in the closet

Lately I have been plagued by bouts of anxiety. Normally it wouldn’t bother me, I think a twinge of anxiety is healthy when triggered by something appropriate. Public speaking – makes me anxious; meeting new people – yes, mildly anxiety inducing; crossing paths with someone who is combative and prone to attack –  yup, makes me anxious. When things are… Continue reading

A haircut like that

Lately, I keep hearing reference to “I had a haircut like that once.” The haircut that doesn’t need scissors; the one where your hair just falls out in clumps, then sticks to you as though hanging on for dear life. It doesn’t want to go, really it doesn’t, but its roots have failed, so each strand ups its static-electric game… Continue reading

Man-boob removal day

It is done. My man-boob is no more. In its place is a line of steri-strips and thin plastic tubing draining off any excess fluid that could build up and hamper the healing process. I am an old hat at this, emptying the bulb twice a day, recording the fluid levels. Like the first go round, the right side doesn’t… Continue reading

It’s technically not a spa

Wednesday I am going in for some touch-up surgery. They call it a scar revision, I call it the removal of my man boob. Okay, not politically correct, but that’s what it is, a small amount of fatty tissue that was left behind and has taken up residence as a small, slouchy pseudo-breast. Not a woman’s breast, not the sleek… Continue reading

Monday is hump day

Monday is hump day. On Monday, I will officially be halfway through with my radiation treatments, which means I am headed into the back stretch. After Monday, I am just ticking days off the calendar, eye on the prize, headed for July 3rd, which is my official last day of radiation, barring some unforeseen cataclysmic event that would cause me… Continue reading

Milestones help

Monday will be my tenth radiation treatment. I will be one-third of the way through. For some reason, with radiation, with a five-day-a-week schedule for six weeks, milestones help. I have four more weeks, and based on how fast the first two flew by, they will go quickly too. I haven’t really written about what treatment itself is like. It’s… Continue reading

The art of a happy surgery

Monday, March, 20, was surgery day. Everything turned out better than great. It turned out awesomely fantastically great! They took three lymph nodes and they all tested negative for cancer, which was my primary concern. Still loving the remodel. There are no bandages over the surgery sites, just steri strips, so I was able to peek down at them, or lack… Continue reading

It takes a village

Another Thursday, another Taxol treatment. Only two more to go and then I’m done with chemo. It’s bittersweet, this drawing to a close of this chapter of my life. I will miss them, my village of people who welcome me into their fold on chemo day and make sure it is, well, as amazing as I make it out to… Continue reading