A new-found sense of self

The other day I opened the door to the ladies’ room at work to find a young gal facing me. She was about to open it from the other side. We spent a few seconds with the prerequisite looks of surprise, before she smiled sheepishly and said, “Sorry.”  I ushered her out as I walked in, my mind buzzing in… Continue reading

Fluffy clouds and tea leaves

With the balmy spring weather upon us, I am drawn once again to our hammock. The shifting breeze toys with the wind chimes, coaxing out errant melodies much akin to a pianist noodling on the keys of an irresistible piano; unidentifiable, but pleasing nonetheless. And so, relaxed and mesmerized by the free-form concert, I turn my face to the clouds… Continue reading

Just for Today

Just for today. It’s a powerful statement. It makes me feel like I can do this, do anything, just for today. Tomorrow is another day and I will deal with that when it comes, but today, just for today, I can deal with this, whatever this is, that today will bring me. When I was a child, my mother used… Continue reading

Muscle on my side

Is it odd that I view the sky as my own personal divination tool? All I have to do is glance skyward to see the echoes of my path unfold. Yesterday, lounging on the steps of the pool, I watched as giant, billowy super heroes scaled banks of clouds, on the ready for what may come. Their determined gazes shone… Continue reading

I can’t picture myself

I can’t picture myself dead. My mother said that to me the other day. Given that she is 89 years young, I was thrilled to hear it! It got me thinking, though. I can’t picture myself dead either, which is a beneficial mindset when emerging from the back end of breast cancer treatment. Normally I’m not a fan of exploring… Continue reading

Yoga, love at first movement

Yoga. It was love at first movement when I discovered yoga. I remember sitting on the living room floor with Ken (my husband) and a copy of Rodney Yee’s Yoga: Poetry of the Body book. We took turns trying to do the poses, having no idea what we were doing or what the poses were doing for us. Fast forward ten… Continue reading

My mother’s hands

I have my mother’s hands. I usually notice it when I’m brushing my teeth, leaned over the sink, one hand on the counter, the other, well, brushing. When my eyes flicker from the mirror to the drain, then to my hand on the counter top. That’s when it hits me, I have my mother’s hands. They are graceful, slender-fingered hands,… Continue reading

Bee stings and dinosaurs

Another glorious day in sunny Florida. I had a fabulous day, pre-planned to be exceptional since it is my last day of unfettered movement for the next ten days. Tomorrow is debreastation day, so what better way to go into surgery than with a happy heart and a smile on my face. The delightful gals in nuclear medicine over at… Continue reading

The cancer kraken

Have you ever had a day when everything seemed to go wrong? When despite your best efforts, you can’t right your ship and it continues to take on water until it finally sinks, one long, drawn out glub-glub at a time? Friday, February 24, was like that for me. I have gone over the day again and again, wondering if… Continue reading