Remembering how to play

When I visit my mother, I do yoga outside on the deck beside the pool. There, the scent of salt spray lingers on the breeze as it moves clean air off the ocean and over the berm of grape leaves, the methodical sound of waves pushing and pulling on the shore keeps tempo with my breath, and my yoga practice… Continue reading

Stress … free

Irma has come and gone, but the stress lingers on. A quick look at the National Hurricane Center website shows Jose, Lee and Maria making their way across the Atlantic, reminding us that hurricane season isn’t over quite yet. We must sit tight, wait and watch, while these children of the Atlantic cavort about and decide what path to skip… Continue reading

Yoga, love at first movement

Yoga. It was love at first movement when I discovered yoga. I remember sitting on the living room floor with Ken (my husband) and a copy of Rodney Yee’s Yoga: Poetry of the Body book. We took turns trying to do the poses, having no idea what we were doing or what the poses were doing for us. Fast forward ten… Continue reading

Cattle prods and string cheese

Throughout my breast cancer adventure, I have been asked the question, ‘am I in pain.’ My answer, until now, has always been a resounding ‘no’. My cancer was not painful, although I will give a nod to some of the less pleasant diagnostic tests. My chemo was not painful, although I will give a nod to some of the less pleasant side effects.… Continue reading

A perfect day

What makes for a perfect day? For me, a perfect day is broken down into bite size treasures of time, individual islands of experience that are destined to become cherished memories, all equally valuable, all equally precious. Quite often they are scraps of events, seemingly inconsequential. In the end, though, it is the staple spices, like black pepper or sea salt,… Continue reading

It’s all about the breath

I’ll admit it, I love to push my limits when I do yoga. It’s my nature, I just can’t shake that competitive urge, which is probably why lately, eight weeks into weekly chemo treatments, I run out of breath after the first Chair Pose. Enter Tao Porchon Lynch, the worlds oldest yoga instructor at age 98. I was skating around Facebook… Continue reading

The trouble with Taxol

I am now in phase two of my chemo regimen, the Taxol phase. Twelve weeks of Taxol, once per week. Every Thursday to be exact. I have to say, I entered this phase with much angst and trepidation, but as is the case with most worry, it was time wasted. For one thing, the side effects are much less than in phase… Continue reading

A Christmas Miracle

I believe in miracles. They happen all the time. We don’t often pay attention to them, and even more often we take them for granted, but they happen, nonetheless. With cancer, I spend a lot of time being grateful, for acknowledging the miracles big and small happening in my life day in and day out. I am extremely grateful for… Continue reading

A cat and a mat …

This is Jill. She is my yoga buddy. When I get up in the morning, she is usually on my yoga mat, waiting. I can see her from my bed, front paws tucked under her, eyes fixed on me, a mystical yogic force in the form of an imperturbable cat. Jill is convinced that there is a particular time of the morning… Continue reading